Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Vacation...Finally!!

Yay! Vacation! And it is way overdue. I have not had real time off since post maternity leave! This past weekend was spent visiting friends and family in Louisiana and introducing my baby girl to her extended family members! She got to meet her great grandfather who is 91 years old - and in very good health! He is still up and about and can actually drive! She also got to meat her Great Aunt who is, unfortunately, in her last days. She is getting Home Hospice because of multiple strokes that have left her unable to care for herself. She can barely speak or do much of anything and just recently, she completely stopped eating. Although, she did smile when she saw my daughter.

On a lighter note, when we got back home and she saw her Daddy, she got all excited. Then she started saying, "Mmmmm....mmmmm..." kind of grunting like she does when she wants something..."" My little girl said MOM! Ofcourse dad was jealous.

...and today, all should know no matter what she wears that she is a girl because...She got her ears pierced!

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