Friday, October 10, 2008

From Old Blog - A Baby Story

Friday, April 11, 2008
A Baby Story
Although I was due to have Baby Girl March 14th, I had to be induced early because of Preeclampsia. Initially the induction date was to be the 13th, however, after some lab work returned, it was decided that Sunday March 9th would be the day. So that morning we were all set and my hubby and I arrived at the hospital at about 8 am. I was extremely nervous and anxious. Although I was excited to finally be meeting Baby Girl, I was scared to death of Labor.
It was a little comforting to already know the nurses and they were all very friendly. So they got me settled and ironically, just before they gave me the medicine to start contractions, I had one on my own. They checked me and my cervix was closed thick and high so I knew it would be a loooooong day. They gave me cervadil and the contractions picked up. I could feel them pretty well though they weren't painful. Shortly after noon, they gave me my second dose and checked me - about 1-2 cm. I went ahead and requested the pain meds before the pain kicked in. As soon as they gave it to me I started telling my hubby how I could feel it kicking in and I was feeling woozy and the room was bouncing…then I was out.
I woke up a few hours later in severe pain and they checked me, I was 4 cm, then they gave me some more pain meds and again, I was out. Thanks Stadol. Oh, and if I hadn't been so out of it, I would've asked for the epidural then. Anyhow, I woke up a few hours later again in severe pain, was checked - 7 cm. I was begging for pain meds and the nurse said I'd get the epidural as soon as the anesthesiolgist was available. Apparently he was in on an emergency case. He finally came, but had a little trouble because I was involuntarily tensing up every time he tried to stick me. He finally got it after 3 sticks - only to have it come out before he taped it. So he had to stick me yet again. Traumatic but worth it.
After that it was smoother sailing. Next time she checked me (around 3 am the next day I believe) I was complete and ready to push! I called my parents, Toney called his, the doctor returned, my mom came in, and about 2 hours later, I just remember hearing her cry as my tears of distress turned into tears of shear joy and then I remember my mom saying, "Oh she's here Juanita! She's finally here! She's so beautiful!…" And I remember looking but I couldn't see her. My husband cut the cord and they put her up on my chest and her little eyes were just were just looking up at me trying to focus. And I just stared at how beautiful she was.
And I nursed her.
Wow, after 21 hours, she was finally here. Heck, after 39 weeks of being in my belly, she was finally on the outside, looking at me face to face. Fascinating! And yes, how beautiful. Head full of hair, golden skin, she did look a little like me - thus she has my middle name.

Born 5 am
March 10th
5 lbs, 10.5 oz
18 inches

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