Friday, October 24, 2008

Life is Frustrating...

12 am - baby crying in her crib. I go to her room and get her, make a bottle (I finally weaned), bring her to our room, change her diaper, give bottle, place in bedside basinette, go back to sleep...CNN humming low in the gackground.

5 am - baby crying again. Luckily, husband is awake and in his room (playing video games). At my requests, he gets her bottle ready, I comfort her, give bottle, smell poopy, change diaper, and snooze.

6 am - still snoozing, now through alarm. Morning news is on.

7 am - finally awake. get ready for work while baby sleeps. Discussed investing in the market while it is down with my hubby. back out car so hubby can leave for work. decide I have enough time to make crock pot meal for tonigh (turkey breast with mushrooms). Okay, now I've gotta hurry. I've got two patients in the hospital that need to get seen before 9am clinic. Get Baby Girl Ready.

820 - crock pot is going, baby is ready, and we are out the door. First to daycare.

840 - now in the hospital. My patient with insulin dependent diabetes is stable and ready for discharge home. Wish I could say the same for my other patient from the nursing home. She is a fiesty lady - sweet as candy, but not doing so well. She has heart failure - on of the more challenging illnesses to treat especially in people that also have kidney disease and / or low blood pressure...she has both.

9am - clinic begins, but I'm not there yet.

920 - okay, I am here. Today is a good day. I see mostly patients that I am familiar with - my patients (as opposed to an Attending Physician's or a fellow Resident's). One thing I LOVE about Family Medicine is getting to know and establish a relationship with them and being a part of their lives, helping to diagnosis, treat, and prevent illnesses.

I had a few work-in patients - including two shingles cases in one day (what are the odds). One kiddo (kids always brighten my day) with otitis externa, and a new patient.

1220 - finished morning clinic (a little late) and off to noon conference.

Afternoon - now to recheck on my hospital patient. Labs indicate that she's had a heart attack. Medically manage her and consult the heart doctor. Stress a bit because I have been taking care of and getting to know this sweet lady since the beginning of my Residencty (about 2.5 years) and no matter what we do, even though she feels okay, her labs indicate she just keeps getting worse (renal function, blood pressure, and now...this).

Hang out at the hospital / Resident's lounge until about 6pm. On call (Third year / back up) so my pager is on.

6pm Call hubby to see if he got to pick up the baby. He answers and says "Hold On" and I listen to him order McDonalds. When he finishes, he says he got the baby and asks me how I am. "A little sad now" I say. He asks why. "Well, I made dinner but you are ordering McDonalds" He says "I know you were making dinner...this is just a snack...." We meet at home. The crockpot is ready. I make (instant cheesy) rice. I prepare our plates. Ofcourse he eats maybe two bites of turkey and a bite or two of rice.
WHAT WAS THE POINT OF ME EVEN MAKING IT??? I try to do it all and the main reason I cook, aside from enjoying it, is to keep us from spending money on fast food. UUUGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!

Okay, well, I eat. Baby tries to grab plate, so I feed her. TWO baby food bottles (sweet peas and squash). Then she dozes off for the night. Soon followed by the hubby.

Hopefully my pager will remind silent tonight and I can rest physically and mentally.


Unknown said...

Sounds like a rather busy day to me. But remember you signed up for it and the effort will pay off. Give your husband a break we have our problems but we are lovable.
Here is a {hug} for the baby.
Have a nce weekend with no calls, Bill

ADB said...

Well done on combining motherhood with a busy job like that!