Friday, October 10, 2008

From Old Blog - HUG YOUR MOM!

GO HUG YOUR MOM!!! Current mood: sad
I sit here while on call after a CODE BLUE. Sixty three year old Hispanic lady, mom of seven, admitted to the hospital yesterday, found to have a mass in her chest. While in her hospital room this morning using the bathroom - her heart stops and she stops breathing - CODE BLUE. Inspite an hour of trying to get her back, our efforts are futile.
She is pronounced dead...
...and her family arrives. The first daughter to arrive can look at our faces and know that her mom is now gone forever.
...and she cries
...and cries
...and cries
In my career, I see a great deal of death. Many times it is expected - the man with pancreatic cancer x 4 months; the elderly woman with heart failure, diabetes, and end stage dementia; the man with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and respiratory failure; and even when expected it is hard enough. But when one day everything is fine and over the next 24 hours you find out Momma has a tumor in her chest...and before you can even comprehend the fact that it might be cancer...she dies?
It's just hard.
So, hug your mom. Tell her you love her. Tell all those that you love what they mean to you every time you get the chance. You never know when their time will come.
***some details changed to protect privacy***

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