Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rural Medicine - LOVE IT!

So this past month, I had the wonderful opportunity to work in the rural community which I plan to practice in about 25 minutes from my hometown and I LOVED IT! I love the clinic! The staff, though small (only an office manager / receptionist, a nurse, and a medical assistant) was very friendly and helpful. The physicians that I worked with were nice and the people, and I enjoyed taking care of the patients. A great deal of the time is spent not just treating the patient, but helping them in all aspects. Not just prescribing the drug of choice, but checking if they had an insurance that would help cover, seeing if they qualified for a patient assistance program to help with costs, and / or trying to choose medicines that work for their illness and are on the $4 list - taking care of the whole patient, not just their ailment.

I am really excited about it.

I have turned in my paperwork for the job at this community clinic as they have physicians covering on different days, but no full time physician. The only issue now is that a different community under the same management became available and they are trying to get me to go there as that physician is leaving in July. But someone has a contract to start there in 1 year and if the place I want to go finds someone else, I may be left to find a different job altogether after only one year of work! (I have a rural obligation because my loan-sholarship for medical school paid a great portion if I agree to work in a rural area.) I am supposed to meet with him Friday and hopefully we can work something out. I fell in love with that place!

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