Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History in the Making!

I am very excited about this election! I voted two weeks ago. I am absolutely glued to the TV - it's going to be a long night (or is it). I pray for the safety and both of the candidate's families regardless of the outcome.

Okay, okay, I'm an Obama Mama...I said it. Please spare me the gossip and rumors - lol. But really, I believe that he is the person who has the drive and potential to shift this country in the right direction. Experience is a great teacher, but not if your teacher sucked (no offense). I mean, if all of the experience was focused on making /supporting the mistakes that brought our country to where it is today, then that doesn't say much. Some people prefer the old white-haired physician. In some cases (not all), this physician who was trained long ago does not know the newest diagnostic techniques or treatments where the young budding physician is well aware of the most up to date standards of care. I guess my point is made. But, it's over now . All the voting is practically done. I just hope whatever the outcome, all of America will be accepting of our new president and ready to make a change.

Now, back to the news...

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