Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Prayer Answered

At church today, with my little girl in my lap, I said a prayer.

First a little background. My (older) brother this year has moved to Texas and is in a sense restarting his life. He's in school, working, and trying to find his place in life. I am proud of him, but I do miss him and worry about him. I cannot talk to him like I used to because his cell phone is broken. I heard he might be coming down this weekend, but I couldn't catch up with him and had not heard from him.

So back to church, during the special intentions (when we Catholics pray for certain things) and the Priest said "Now, let us now add our own intentions in silenc," I said a prayer. I prayed for my Aunt who past away two weeks ago, I prayed for my family, my husband, of course my little girl, I prayed for my enemies, and I prayed for my brother - that if he came down, he had a safe trip, that he is successful in his endeavors, and just for his well being.

As I sat down, someone tapped my back. I turned around to see, guess brother! At home, all in one least for now.

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Justplainbill said...

What a wonderful experience that must have been. I go to Mass every Sunday and often offer my petition. Really can't think of any of mine that were answered so quickly or completly.
I am so happy for you.
God bless you and your family, Bill