Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Perscription Fraud

Okay, so I work in a very small town. It's just me, the Receptionist and the RN most times. We have funding for a medical assistant. Had a great one for a few months who became really sick with her pregnancy. Then we had a new girl. Lets call her Ms. Hyper Viper. Very enthusiastic, hardworking, gets the job done type. Almost overly enthused always asking "What can I do? Can I help? Can I do anything else" type of personality. We'd joke with her about her being on speed or needing something to calm her down. It is so great to have a medical assistant to spread out the work load since we do a lot of patient assistance programs and various other programs requiring lots of documentation for funding and grants - takes a lot of stress off of our nurse.

Today the MA came in looking kinda sick - tired. I asked if she was okay and she said she was. Soon after she said she was throwing up so we had her go home.

I got a call from a pharmacy in one of our neighboring towns calling to validate a perscription that was written over the weekend. The name? Hyper Viper. It was for 2 controlled substances, one of which I NEVER perscribe, each with two refills. Had "my" signature (forged), but the wrong DEA #. I told the Pharmacist that I did not write that and not to fill it but he said it was done over the weekend (when he was not there) but he would cancel out the refills and tag her file. They faxed me a copy.

I feel so violated and betrayed. She must have practiced my signature because it was close. She no longer works here of course. I wonder if she's done this before. I wonder how many blank scripts she may have and how many pharmacies she may have gone to. I'm so upset right now.


Mamacita_MD said...

The next day I found out about at least 2 other pharmacies. Ofcourse I pressed charges. When she came to get her things Friday the cops hauled her off.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, serves her right.

Doctor D said...

It just hurts the soul when people in healthcare use their position to abuse the system.

Unknown said...


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ADB said...

You should check your prescription pads and see if any of their numbers are missing. I'm unfamiliar with the US system, but here in the UK all prescription forms are numbered, and those numbers are recorded upon issue to the doctor. And also recorded upon filling at the pharmacy. Well done to the pharmacy for spotting the fraud - I'm sorry you've had your confidence betrayed. I hope the police check her previous employers to see if she's done something likewise elsewhere.